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It seems we all have a story to tell about getting lost, whether it was as a child or as an adult!  For most of us, the situation made deep impressions that have stayed with us for years!

When the severe storms hit the east coast and central Virginia this summer, our daughter tried to get home with her three youngest children.  It was very late, becoming pitch black as power lines were being torn down under the weight of uprooted trees, and every street she turned down seemed to have a tree blown across it with the hurricane-force winds. The more streets she tried to navigate, the more panicked she became, while her husband talked to her on her cell, trying to calm her.  As he kept asking her location, in her fright all she could say was that she was lost.  In reality, had she continued to drive, she would have eventually come across a known street and been okay.  Our city is not that large.

This past week my husband and I drove to Baltimore, Md.  We had a choice to either drive northeast on Interstates around or through Washington, D.C., or else go in a large loop west, then head north, coming south into Baltimore from the northwest side–but at least we would avoid the D.C. traffic!  Going up was no problem, but as we started the trip home, soon the maze of interstates and freeways became more than slightly confusing as our GPS died on us, and nowhere that we stopped was there a road map left to buy!  We traveled south–we thought on Rt. 29–for more than two hours before we realized we actually were lost!  The traffic was bumper to bumper, moving slowly, and we saw no road signs indicating a known route!  About the same time I saw “Delaware Ave.”, then “Indiana Ave.”, and as light bulbs started going off, I realized “Pennsylvania Ave.” was coming at us!  Sure enough, we were in the middle of Washington, D.C., in late afternoon traffic, with no clue how to get out! Several streets later a cop was sitting by the side of the street.   We pulled next to the vehicle, I rolled my window down, and explained, “We’re lost, we have no map, and our GPS  has died! Please! Point us South!”  The kind officer did better than that: gesturing for us to follow right behind, they led us several miles where we junctioned with a route to take us home!  The instant the police car got in front and started to lead us I felt such huge relief, knowing someone who knew the road system was now in control, and they would work the problem out!

It did not take long to realize that is how our relationship with Christ should be every moment.  We don’t have to wait for a situation where we lose control: we can bring Him every burden, every concern, every tear, and every moment, turning it over to Him to guide us safely through a day or a crisis. Why would we continue to carry those stressful feelings on our shoulders when He is so ready to show us the way? Pride?  He tells us to “Come, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest!  Take My yoke upon you..”   Commit your way today, and see if He does not prove worthy of your trust!

Father, help us to be so trusting of You that we don’t hesitate to give You our day, knowing You will lead us safely through, as You  take us by ‘cool waters’ and ‘green pastures!’  Increase our faith, Lord!  In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen


Many years ago my friend’s sister was murdered.  She was beautiful, smart, and the darling of four brothers and one other sister.   Her murderer was soon found, tried, and sentenced to prison.  Several months after the trial, the family was astounded and angered when the mother wrote a letter of forgiveness to the man who had been charged with the murder.  They ostracized her, withdrew from her, and had nothing but wrath for her action.  Nothing, they felt, was too bad for the man: he had taken their sister, and they wanted the death penalty.

Isn’t that so like us?  When someone hurts us, wounds our family, or violates us somehow, we want revenge and nothing short of death will compensate for our loss!  But if death comes to the person we have learned to hate, what then?  Are we all of a sudden “okay” and our world is right again?  Of course not!  The bitterness is still there.

When we have something in our past that created years of misery for people we love, the sad truth is, no amount of apologizing can atone for the act, no matter how sorry we are!  At that point we are faced with two types of people: those who are willing to forgive, and those who aren’t.  Those, as it is said today, who lets the circumstance cause them to become “bitter” or “better!”   Meanwhile, we live with the consequences every day.

How does this all tie in with our walk with Christ?  Because the sin in our past so often alienates some of those that we love, and they want nothing to do with a God who will not continue to punish us; they want not just revenge, but vindictiveness that continues to hurt, just as they still carry scars or open wounds.  Anything less, to them, will not satisfy.  And we are rendered helpless in trying to tell them that He sees their unforgiving spirit and bitterness as just as brutal a sin as the one which we committed.  We don’t want to alienate them further, so we keep quiet and watch the years roll by.

Oh, that they would come to know the grace and forgiveness of God!  That they would understand the freedom in His forgiveness and cleansing free from sin!  Can you get past the bitterness, and truly let go of it?  If you are the bitter one, can you not see that it is hurting not only you, but everyone who is close to you?  And would the death of the one who caused you misery make it “all better”?  Try to open your heart to God’s healing forgiveness, so that you can be happy again!  It won’t wipe away the years of scars, but it will begin a new day!

Dear Father, if anyone is reading this who has someone in their past that they have not forgiven, will You please help them to see that their unforgiveness creates a barrier between You and them?   And if someone has wronged others, and is genuinely repentant, please send them peace while they wait as years go by, and don’t let them become weary in praying for those they wronged.  Life is so difficult when we hurt, Lord, but we know that You–and You alone–can make us into new creations, and give us “hope, and a future”!  Amen

If you are hurting today, and need someone to talk to, you are welcome to write a note to me!

Sixteen year ol…

Sixteen year olds are pretty special people!  My granddaughter is required to read the life of Henry David Thoreau this summer, and expressed her distaste for his lifestyle of living in the woods, alone with nature; she added, “I couldn’t do that–I need people around me!”  I thought of the years I desired to live a ‘hermit’s’ life but the truth is, I can’t go a day–or more than two at the most–without talking to some of my children!  And those that I can’t talk with often are always carried in my heart, thinking of them and longing to hear their voice.

Isn’t that the way it should be with our God?  We should be in such close relationship with Him that if we miss talking to Him, reading His love letters to us (His Word), or communing in some way with Him during a day, we feel a big void in our lives!  Yet He is there, being faithful, even when we get so busy that we don’t stop for that moment!  Are you His child?  If so, He probably dropped you a note today: was it through the voice of a loved friend, a smile from someone, a blessing you didn’t expect?  I had a call from a beloved cousin–which happens very rarely–who is a pastor and whose opinions I value highly.  God allowed us to chat and encourage one another for a short time, but what a blessing!  We both took something special with us as we hung up, knowing the struggles and dreams we each hold dear were important to the other!  That was a touch of God.  Look around–try to see yourself with the eyes of God, and think back over your day: was there a blessing in it that was unexpected?  That was a Love Note from God!  You can’t think of something?  You awoke this morning, you breathed, and you’re alive.  God isn’t finished with you yet, so draw near to Him and experience His times of refreshing!

Dear Father, I pray for those who may come to this blog; may they leave the world behind for a moment and find rest in You!  I pray for them, that their eyes would be open to everything You have created for us to enjoy, and for the blessings You pour out on us.  Let Your grace amaze them, Lord! In Christ, Amen

Romans 8:5:  But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for the us.

Hello World!

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