Hello!  I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.  I hope there is something in one of the blogs that will awaken an awareness that you need a friend whose name is Jesus.  If that makes you angry, have you wondered why?  Is it pride?  Could be!  One thing I’ve learned, and that is that we are not promised tomorrow.  Did you know that Christ often talked about hell?  Have you often heard people say, “That’s ok, at least I’ll be with my friends”?  Guess what?  There’s no party in hell.  But God made a way for you to avoid it if you’ll just put your faith in Him.  What a gift!  I hope you’ll visit more often.  If you leave me a note that is honest, I’ll be glad to answer.  If you have this breath, enjoy it!


My husband and I, as well as some of our children and grandchildren, live in Lynchburg, Virginia. I am a contributing writer for Thomas Road Baptist Church, writing a group study on the sermon from each preceding Sunday. I also embellish that same Group Time in another blog, http://www.plowingfallowground.com, which you can use to do a personal, family or group study along with the sermon as well. Believing that every Christian has the responsibility to spread the gospel, we both want to see that God’s word reaches the ends of the earth.

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