Spring–A New Beginning!

Saturday: It’s a beautiful sunny morning, with a temperature warm enough to get outside and work! What joy that spring is finally here! Sunday: Heading for church (8:45). Chilly, but no big deal, since it’s early, but suddenly I think my eyes catch something pass my vision. Turning to my husband I ask, “Is there a winter mix advisory, by any chance?” “NO!” Thirty seconds later.. “Did I just see a snowflake?” he asks. … End of story. Of course he had–that’s why I asked about the advisory!! For the next couple of hours it poured down!

This has been the craziest winter I can remember; how about you? Maybe you’re still  plowing through it! (Pun intended!) As we do, we have to remember that nothing here on earth is certain except–as the old saying goes–death and taxes! Weather forecasters and Farmer’s Almanac may try, but ultimately, unless they have a word from the Lord, they just hope they are right!

But all the uncertainty teaches us one thing: lean on God for everything, trust Him for everything, and let Him walk with you today, whether it’s sunny, snowing, or a day of frustration! Take comfort that everything that happens “comes to pass,” and I always  hope that ‘passing’ means it will go on down the road and be a forgotten memory!

Have a great day, thank God for life, and ask Him what He wants of you today! Pray for Him to put someone in your path today who needs a smile, a word of encouragement, or look at their eyes and see if they need prayer. You may be the only one who has a tender heart toward them today!

Now go out into the mission field–but don’t get stained!

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